Richard Curtis Profile Picture

Richard Curtis

Founder, Project Everyone

Richard is a film writer and director. He is also Co-Founder and Vice-Chair of Comic Relief. He has co-produced the Red Nose Day live night of TV for the BBC since 1988. In 2015, he helped bring Red Nose Day to the USA with NBC. Richard was a founding member of Make Poverty History and worked on Live 8 in 2005. As part of his contribution to the MPH campaign, he wrote The Girl In The Cafe for HBO and the BBC, an Emmy Award-winning television drama based around the G8 summit. He is a Co-Founder of Project Everyone, which works to make the UN’s Global Goals as famous and effective as possible in ending extreme poverty, combating climate change, and fighting for equality and justice worldwide. He is also a UN Advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals. Most recently, he became Co-Founder of the Make My Money Matter campaign.