Kahea Pacheco Profile Picture

Kahea Pacheco

Co-Director, Women’s Earth Alliance

Kahea is a passionate advocate for Indigenous people’s rights, intersectional environmentalism, and justice for all. She is Co-Director at Women’s Earth Alliance: a global initiative that trains, resources, and catalyzes grassroots women’s networks to protect our environment and build healthy, safe, and just communities. Kahea facilitated legal advocacy partnerships for indigenous women-led environmental campaigns to protect lands, forests, water, and sacred sites through the North America Advocacy Network. She also co-led a partnership with the Native Youth Sexual Health Network to develop the Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies Report and Advocacy Toolkit. Kahea serves on Advisory Councils for1t.org and Planet Women. Kahea has traveled around the world, studying the terrain of ethnopolitical conflict in Northern Ireland and the ongoing impact of colonization on the construction of culture and identity in the Pacific. She is a mixed, Indigenous woman from rural Hawai’i, and resides in occupied Huichin, Ohlone Territory, in what is currently known as the San Francisco Bay Area.