Jeff Horowitz Profile Picture

Jeff Horowitz

Co-Founder and Creator

Jeff is the Founder of Avoided Deforestation Partners, an organization he started in 2007 with Dr. Charlotte Streck, a globally respected climate policy expert. Avoided Deforestation Partners is dedicated to protecting our climate by saving forests. For many years Avoided Deforestation Partners convened high-level forest-climate events at the annual UN climate summits. Jeff turned to television and film production in light of the need to get forest-climate messages out to a global audience. He subsequently served as a Co-Executive Producer of the Emmy Award-winning climate change television series, “The Years of Living Dangerously” and was an Executive Producer of the Charles Ferguson film, “A Time to Choose.” Jeff has collaborated with Dr. Goodall on a wide range of forest/climate initiatives and films. He is also a founding Trustee of the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation. Jeff has been the driving force behind Trees for Jane.