Dr. Nigel Sizer Profile Picture

Dr. Nigel Sizer

Executive Director, Preventing Pandemics at the Source

Nigel serves as the executive director of the Preventing Pandemics at the Source initiative with Dalberg Catalyst. He previously worked as president of Rainforest Alliance, global director of the Forests Program at the World Resources Institute, where he launched path-breaking partnerships including the award-winning Global Forest Watch and the Global Restoration Initiative. Nigel also served as vice president for Asia-Pacific with Rare. In 2008, he served as lead advisor on climate change and energy issues in Asia to former US President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative. He has also worked with the United Nations Environment Program in Nairobi and established The Nature Conservancy’s Asia-Pacific Forest Program. Nigel holds Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in natural sciences and tropical forest ecology from the University of Cambridge. He has received numerous awards including the Henry Arnold Conservation Fellowship from the Mulago Foundation and the United Nations Secretary General’s Big Data Challenge prize. A special thank you to Nigel for serving on the Trees for Jane Project Allocation and oversight team.