Dr. Mya Rose Craig Profile Picture

Dr. Mya-Rose Craig

Founder and President, Black2Nature

Mya-Rose is a 19-year-old naturalist, conservationist and environmentalist. Her first book, We Have A Dream, highlights 30 young environmentalists of color from around the world. She hoped to amplify their voices as they are rarely mentioned in our media. 

 She writes a blog, Birdgirl, gives talks having spoken on a shared stage with Greta Thunberg, writes articles, and also appears on TV and other media. She is the Founder and President of Black2Nature, which she set up at age 13 in 2015, she became the youngest British person to be awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science at age 17 for fighting for equal access to nature and ethnic diversity in the environmental sector.  In September 2020 she did the most northerly youth strike in the Arctic with Greenpeace. Black2Nature campaigns for equal access to nature for Visible Minority Ethnic communities runs nature camps for young people and conferences.